What people say about you
is more important than what you say about yourself. Wouldn’t you agree?


Why do you exist? The most common answer our clients give us is, “to help people hear better, and change their lives!”

This may be true, but you can’t get to your why without how! How you exist is by selling units! That is where we can help. Quit saying, “If I could just get people through the door…” and start working on what you’re good at. We’ll help you by creating so many opportunities, that you’ll have to work on your ability to process and serve them. Read our testimonials below to get a feel of what we can do to change the business of your practice.

“It has and continues to be a delight to work with Pat and his team at ROC Advertising. In the 10 years I’ve been working with Pat including the six years with the ROC Team, he and his team have helped us develop a marketing strategy, make a plan for every year and are flexible enough to change that plan as needed, as with the COVID Pandemic last year. We especially appreciate Pat’s research on which marketing pieces work for different areas of the country and our area in particular. ROC also constantly updates their mailing lists which means less return mail. We would highly recommend Pat and the team at ROC for your direct mailing needs.”
Matt Clifton and Megan Nightingale

Owners of Peninsula Hearing

Just when you think all hope is lost, ROC comes in and saves the day! ROC has become an instrumental partner in helping our clients position and market their practices. ROC assists with the campaign from start to finish — including call review and follow-up. This type of service exudes their commitment to customer satisfaction and success. Thanks, ROC for all of your hard work in making advertising look easy!
Kristin Billich

Consumer Marketing Associate, Oticon

“I’ve been working with Pat Cardenas at ROC Advertising and it has been nothing short of stellar. Pat provides a plethora of information that we can use in strategically planning our partnership together. He has the initiative, drive, and motivation to make the impossible, possible! His promotional coordinators have provided prompt and exceptional services as well. I am very pleased with ROC Advertising and so excited to continue working with them in the future!
Stacie Jones

Customer Marketing