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Enhanced Digital Presence powered by ROC

What is our Enhanced Digital Presence?

Enhanced Digital Presence powered by ROC

A marketing solution that enhances the results of your direct mail campaign through the integration of digital platforms that seamlessly track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Why? Why does direct mail need an Enhanced Digital Presence?

  • Results based approach for an evolving industry and marketspace.
  • Increasing trend of website traffic after receiving a direct mail offer across multiple industries, including hearing aids.
  • Statistics show prospects purchase after an average of 8 touch points, many of which occur online.

Campaign Lifecycle

Enhanced Digital Presence is a 3-phase approach that creates additional touchpoints and occurs before, during, and after your event. Our real time dashboard gives you visibility through the entire campaign, not only do you have access to mail tracking but you see the results in real time!.

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Our 3-phase approach is made possible by the 8 technologies that make up of each phase. Ready to learn more? Contact us today by calling 844-2-CRUSH IT (844-227-8744) or by emailing us at info@rocadvertising.com!

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