Direct Mail That Gets Results
We exist to create opportunities for you

Results Only Consulting:
Our name speaks for itself.

Results are what matter the most. Our mission — our “Why” — is to create opportunities for you and your business. We produce hundreds of promotions a month and have over 55 years combined in direct mail marketing. We use that experience in every decision we counsel you on.

What is our Enhanced Digital Presence?

A Streamlined Process

We know as a business owner you’re busy, so we have a singular goal: to make it easy for you to get exceptional results. Are you tired of having boring, pointless, repetitive conversations with marketing and direct mail firms about zip codes and proof corrections? If so, use your valuable and limited time to take your conversations to the next level. We need your input on your vision for the future of your practice, and we’ll handle it from there.

We want to spend time together measuring success, making adjustments, and planning for growth, not correcting grammar or supposing which zip codes are “hot”. We’ll spend as much time as needed to clarify the whys and hows of what we do, but we won’t weigh you down with the things that are our job. You didn’t get into your industry to be an expert in ours.

Direct Mail Expertise

We have mailed over 125,000,000 pieces of mail in the last 6 years and manage hundreds of promotions a month, bringing over 55 years of combined experience to help with your specific needs. We manage and mail for top producing and award-winning practices around the nation, as well as all the top hearing aid manufacturers. Make sure to read our testimonials. We are the guys people call when they want results!

Unparalleled Results in the Hearing Healthcare Industry

Industry averages are about $800 for a client. We average $250.

Crazy, right? Click here to see our national averages.

Reliable Quality

What you send out says a lot about you; it represents your image to prospects and people who may not know who you are. Quality matters. All our mail, from concept to printing to mailing, is done under one roof, by one team committed to delivering quality and results. Even the postal worker is on site. It would be easy to get something printed cheaper, impossible to get it printed better.