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Many people ask why the name ROC (Results Only Consulting) Advertising was chosen. The answer: because the results are what that matter the most.

What are you paying for people to call and make hearing appointments?

Case Studies

“As a practice owner for over 20 years with two offices, I’ve seen hearing centers come and go. The competition is tough out there! Costco, Sam’s Club, manufacturer-owned locations and the Internet, they all get a piece of the pie. Mom and pop practices like mine can find it scary to try new ways of attracting private pay patients. Finding these new ways is important because you can’t become too comfortable in the way that you do things or you’ll get left behind.

I have dealt with the guys at ROC Advertising for years. They help me get out of my comfort zone to try new things and to approach people in a different manner. I’ve found that it’s necessary to mail to people more than twice a year — if you don’t the competition already is, and it’s working. That’s why people bring me the competitions’ mail.

ROC has also helped me see the importance of my personnel and their training. They’ll spend time with my staff and help them understand what’s happening with the campaigns they run for us. The little things can be huge if nurtured correctly. That’s why we are averaging under $135 cost per lead with our direct mail.”

“I started my own practice after working at a large clinic for over 10 years. …Doing direct mail at the clinic was always frowned upon unless it was to the existing patients. They didn’t want to “be like the other guys”. I have come to understand that I’m not entitled to more business just because I’m an Au.D versus a Hearing Instrument Specialist. I need to market to the general public as well… ROC Advertising has been instrumental in helping me understand [direct mail] while working with my staff to ensure my practice is getting the lion’s share of patients in my market.”

“Running a hearing center with myself and my front office person can be challenging at times, as I do the testing, fitting, cleaning the office and shoveling the snow! It makes sense for an operation like mine to let someone else handle the marketing so I can concentrate on things I’m better at, like helping people with their hearing.

I used to spend too much time trying to figure out things like zip codes and strategy. The results we are getting now make it worth it to let ROC implement their strategy after listening to my needs.”

“Doing direct mail has been challenging for me in years past, as I have one full time office with two satellite offices. Many direct mail companies don’t want to listen to my particular needs. Some of the areas I serve are REALLY rural and they don’t think it’s worth it to try to come up with a strategy that’s good for me. But ROC Advertising has come up with solutions while understanding my scheduling challenges. Over the last year we have seen exceptional growth and I’m proud of that in today’s market!”

ROC Averages 2016
Piece Cost/Call Cost/Lead
 Jumbo 4-Cards $234.74 $272.24
 Jumbo 3-Cards $142.24 $177.17
B/W Letter $107.43 $140.44
Letter 4 Color $231.72 $267.69
Medium 3-Cards $129.67 $157.26
Small 3-Cards $209.84 $258.60
Mini 4 Pager $207.65 $271.54
Ice Cream Flyer $27.82 $30.60

Black and White Letter

Black and White Letter

Small Cards

Black and White Letter

Medium Cards

Black and White Letter