Many people ask why the name ROC (Results Only Consulting) Advertising was chosen. The answer: because the results are what that matter the most.

What are you paying for people to call and make hearing appointments?

Results are what matter most, here’s what ROC can do for you!

As an owner of multiple hearing care centers, you know first-hand the competition is tough out there. Costco, Sam’s Club, manufacturer-owned locations and the internet all have a piece of the pie. It can be scary trying to find new ways to attract new business. ROC is here to help. We will help take you out of your comfort zone while making the most out of your marketing investment. Once the phone starts ringing, our job isn’t over. We are here to help train front desk staff to give your staff the best chance at converting a call to an appointment.
Doing direct mail at large medical based clinics can be frowned upon if it isn’t to their database. They don’t’ want to be like the “other guys.” However, being an Au.D. versus a Hearing Instrument Specialist doesn’t automatically entitle you to more business. You need to market to the general population as well to reach the most people and grow your database. ROC will work with you and your staff to build a marketing strategy that fits you and helps you get the lion’s share of patients in your market.
A lot of direct mail marketing companies put the weight of selecting zip codes, mapping and selecting their demographic criteria on the shoulders of the Hearing Aid Center Owner. At ROC, we take that off your shoulders and do all the heavy lifting. Picking who to mail is our specialty, we actually enjoy looking at zip codes and maps all day so you can focus on running your practice. We will work with you and listen to your needs through the entire process. We know that every hearing aid center owner has their own goals and needs, we are here to listen and to help you achieve them.
Beyond helping owners running multiple full-time locations, we know that running some satellite locations in addition to a full-time office adds a new set of challenges. Some direct mail marketing companies may recommend only focusing on the full-time practice’s marketing or don’t want to spend the time building a marketing plan for a satellite practice. We think differently, we want to do what’s best for our clients. We will build a marketing strategy to fit your needs even for satellite locations with limited hours and a reduced marketing schedule.
ROC Average Call ROI*
Piece Cost/Lead
2 Folded Cards $213.43
B&W Letter $158.55
Color Letter $178.55
Color Letter (2 sided) $231.30
Jumbo 1-Card $172.10
Jumbo Cards $177.04
Medium Cards $212.58
Small Cards $189.07

*Averages are based on the cost of marketing campaigns and the call tracking data that was collected and verified for accuracy.

Black and White Letter
Black and White Letter
Small Cards
Black and White Letter
Medium Cards
Black and White Letter